Frank and Bob: An Artist’s Burden

Bob: Go ahead, dismiss it. Because it’s easier to deny your talent than letting yourself feel proud of what you actually accomplished. You are so filled with insecurity that you aren’t good enough, so you actively live a lesser life; With goals so low, you never have to really try. And throughout the years you’ll keep downplaying your efforts because that light inside you dies a little bit more each day. But really that’s just the lie you tell yourself to keep you warm at night, since the ideas never really stop. The only thing that makes your shoulder sink is the doubt that clings to the back of your skull. So you’ll continue to move forward, always on the edge greatness but never touching it. Nevertheless, to the world, you’re work is creative genius. And no matter how hard or long you squint, you will always be blind to it. Always. That’s your burden Frank, the burden of an artist. Continue reading

Frank and Bob: Breakups

Frank: She broke it off me with me Bob, Karen dumped me.

Bob: That sucks man, but even in the rainiest rainstorm, shimmers a the purple cloud.

Frank: What in the world are you talking about? Silvering lining I get, but purple cloud?

Bob: Simply put, you don’t have the need to fake it anymore. You can be who you always were meant to be. Continue reading

Blog: The Stranded Island Paradox

The stranded island paradox:

What is the stranded island paradox(SIP)?

Have you ever felt attracted to someone, and you can’t seem to find the reasoning? Everything about them confuses you, but you still feel something for them that can’t be explained? You may be experiencing the stranded island paradox. This paradox is a phenomenon that many people experience in their everyday lives. Based on the scope of your perception(this may be a scope of physical location, or mental maturity) you would find people appealing who you wouldn’t naturally be drawn towards. This is because in your present narrow scope, your mind assigns the most suitable mate to copulate with. In the most instinctual part of our brain, lies the most animalistic desire, to spread our kind and the search for compassion. It is through this instinct that we pick out the most interesting person in the sea of forgetful faces.

How can I stop the SIP?

If you worry for you current predicament, you can break from this micro-evolutionary trait. As annotated before, this paradox is only bound by two things, your current location, and/or your mental understanding. For instance, if you don’t find the “country” culture appealing, but you live in a society surrounding by “country” culture, then you may find country people appealing. Though if you were to move away from this society and adapt to a new one, your brain would retrain itself to learn your new location, and adapt to the new place. Most likely, we all will go through a mental maturity change. Girls will undoubtedly notice this first, as they see young boys mature, they will start to date older men; Therefore changing their perception, and maturing past their stranded island paradoxical situation. So remember, if you believe you are experiencing this paradox, it is your mind adapting to your surroundings appropriately. And if you would like to change this situation, one must have the will to change.

I Wrote a Book, and It’s Free Right Now!

The Frank and Bob Book is finally out, and it’s FREE from 12/21 – 12/25!!!

Title: Frank and Bob: Tales of Nihilism and Absurd Rationalizations

Short Description:  Hilarious, inappropriate, and surprisingly dark, Trenton Nesbitt brings his own brand humor from the two people inside his head, Frank and Bob. Through these characters, he is able to convey real life experiences and conversations he has had with himself that he otherwise would be too emotionally immature to reproduce in the first-person.

Praise for Frank and Bob

“I don’t know a lot about writing, but I’m fairly certain you can’t say ‘dick’ 24 times on page 1 and expect to be taken seriously as a writer”

– Author’s Mother

Also, Leave a review! I’d like to know what you think 🙂

Link: Amazon Link


‘Frank and Bob’Book is almost out!

FrankandBobLogo2Hello AlL!

My Book “Frank and Bob: Tales of Nihilism and Absurd Rationalizations” Is almost out. It’s a collection of all the skit’s I’ve written about Frank and  Bob(this adds up to around 60), and it will be available on kindle for $2.99!

It’s currently in review, but should be out fairly soon. I will post up the link when it appears on Amazon. I would also be willing to give out free copies of the book in exchange for honest reviews.

If you have any questions, let me know.